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Pepa Kowakawaka Polycarbonate

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Polycarbonate is 20 times stronger than traditional fiberglass panels Polycarbonate is very impact resistant and with a co-extruded UV protective layer, the panel will retain its beauty and clarity for many, many years with a sophisticated design that meets extreme durability in addition to the view of translucent polycarbonate sheet material. With a 40% recycled content specifically developed for exterior applications, this is a cost-effective alternative to glass. Applications: exhibition industry, advertising industry, canopies, garages, stations, airports, shopping malls, swimming pools, stadiums, agricultural sheds, horticultural greenhouses, railroad soundproof walls, highway soundproof walls and service areas, etc. Characteristics of sunlight panel: Green and environmental protection: green and environmental protection materials are used to prevent ultraviolet rays, no radiation and no pollution. Light transmittance: The light transmittance of 6mm transparent sunlight panel is 79%, and the light transmittance of 8mm sunlight panel is 78%. Light weight: The weight of PC sunlight panel is about 1/15 of the same thickness of glass. Impact resistance: The impact strength of the endurance panel is 200 times that of glass, and the impact strength of the sunlight panel is 80 times that of glass. Flame retardancy: According to the national GB8624-97 test, it is flame retardant class B1, no fire drops and no poisonous gas. Sound insulation: PC solar panel has obvious sound insulation effect and is the preferred material for highway noise barrier in the world. Energy saving: PC solar panel is more effective than glass in blocking heat transmission, and can significantly reduce energy consumption when used in buildings with cooling and heating equipment. Weather resistance: PC solar panels have excellent weather resistance and maintain stable physical performance indexes within the range of - 40 ℃ to +120 ℃.